the future of loyalty is here

cookie cutter, transactional loyalty programs are out. the worlds best brands use rippl to activate their community and drive loyalty through meaningful engagement.

brands in the first drop

create custom ways to earn that are authentic to your brand

tired of the same old “sign up” and “follow”actions? Pick from 100’s of vetted climate actions or create your own custom actions - no coding required

remind consumers of the positive impact they are making by shopping with you

instead of showing only points, users' loyalty profiles shows the environmental + social impact customers have made shopping with you

cultivate a community with your raving fans

move away from isolated loyalty programs and turn your loyalty platform into a place for genuine connections, making community a measurable growth channel

drive increased customer engagement by hosting limited time challenges

align your loyalty program with marketing campaigns and ESG goals by launching timely and relevant challenges

customize the design to match your brand in seconds

match your reward program to your brand so it seamlessly fits in with your website - no more ugly, clunky reward pages

leverage deep integrations for a unified experience

quickly integrate Rippl Rewards with apps such as Klayvio and recharge so your customers have a unified experience

create rippls.
signal your values
engage authentically
create rippls.
signal your values
engage authentically
create rippls.
signal your values
engage authentically

creating an emotional connection with your customers is good for businesses


years added to the
avg customer lifespan


more likely to
recommend your brand


increase in
customer lifetime value

what people are saying

“The future of loyalty is top of mind and it is important that the program feels emotionally connected to the brand and not super transactional. We want to build a community.”

Kelly Donohue,
Viv for your V

“I had a moment that for us to win, we need to lean hard into the things we believe and sustainability… and that needs to be reflected in how we engage with our consumers”

Rachael Classi,
Tiny Earth Toys

“We wanted to engage our target customers in meaningful work and see it as a real differentiator of our business.. but there wasn’t a streamlined way to do this before Rippl Rewards”

Tamara Mekler,
Nutshell Coolers

loyalty programs, redefined

ready to make the switch? we automatically migrate your customers points from Yotpo, Smile and others so your customers don't miss a beat.